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Self-healing|Self-care|Energy Medicine

General Definitions

Below are Dr. Rocki’s interpretations of the common terms he uses in his practice


Defined by WHO (World Health Organization) health is “a state of complete physical, social and mental well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” This statement written in 1948 is fully applicable to the modern integrative medicine as it covers more than just the physical body. It is a reminder that healing has to address social and mental well-being, not just the physical body.


Means “to make whole” at all levels of your being – the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. It is about owning that wholeness and using self-healing resources to deal with any of life’s situations, including disease. Healing is about claiming the power to create desired circumstances. This may include decreasing symptoms or causing a remission or even curing the disease. However “getting rid” of the disease is secondary to the main goal of healing — attaining health in every area of your life as defined by WHO above. This definition of healing allows for individual interpretations; it could range from running a marathon or just being able to play with the grand kids.

     Self-healing defines the body’s ongoing, automatic processes of auto-regulation, repair and renewal. Through our behavior and life-style choice we may either support (towards health) or interfere (towards disease) with body’s self-healing. An example of a self-healing process which we can influence is breathing. It is happening automatically and is unnoticed most of the time; yet, we may realize a shallow breathing chest based (e.g. during stress reaction) and learn a calming deep, abdominal breathing. Our intentional, educated support of self-healing is referred to as self-care.

     Self-care represents the learned skills of managing our mind and emotions to apply self-care routines/tools (e.g. meditating, eating healthy food, exercising, managing stress, etc.) in order to support our body’s self-healing. Self-care also includes thoughtful, justified adherence to prescribed medical treatments, recommended supplements and /or essential oils.

     Intuition Medicine utilizes your own intuition, which is a heightened sensitivity to your inner self and to the world around you. Often referred to as the sixth sense, intuition provides us with an alternative means of perception. Dr. Rocki applies a whole set of modalities commonly defined as Intuition Medicine® to help you strengthen your own intuition, which you can then use for self-healing. You will learn how to use your own intuition for communication with your body, discovering the root causes of your disease and actively participating in your healing process. Please note that Dr. Rocki does not offer intuitive reading (diagnoses); rather, he teaches patients how to contribute to their diagnoses using their intuition.

     Energy Medicine assists in restoring your own natural healing energies on the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual levels. Dr. Rocki applies tools of energy medicine as a general healing principle, recognizing that everything is energy. Therefore, all therapeutic interventions and self-care are based on energy. While many energy medicine techniques use a hands-on approach by the practitioner, Dr. Rocki teaches patients how to self-touch as a recognition of their power to self-heal.