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Along with the sings of hurricane Sandy approaching American shore, I have read on Yahoo news: “Sandy forces Obama back to Washington”. It is an amazing statement that in many aspects, reminding us about the powerful forces of the Nature that are much stronger than any government, any mighty nation, because the Nature was before them. It is certainly not a political statement, the name Obama just used as representation of US government.

Experiencing the Sandy hurricane some of us saw destructive intent of the Nature, yet some of us saw the Nature’s warning us about our self destructive acts, reminding us the underlying fragility of human existence. Through this hurricane the Nature was asking us to be less arrogant and more attentive to what is needed in order to bring the paradise back to Earth. We saw the demonstration of self-healing in Nature, and those of us who experienced self-healing through diseases and life tragedies, know that self-healing doesn’t necessary, doesn’t always look pretty and pleasant.

As this self-healing is happening in nature you can be sure that it is happening in your body, because your body is part of the nature, governed by the same laws. Inspired by Sandy and Obama story, I list practical remarks which you can use immediately for self-healing:

• Nature is stronger than the leader of the strongest country in the world. She is a good reminder for self-healing because as long as you understand and follow nature’s laws, which apply to your body as part of nature– you may overcome any artificial man-made difficulties like disease, financial failure divorce, etc.

• The hurricane named Sandy is just a pure representation of nature and Earth’s self-healing power. This force overrides any social structures or governments, and it will continue overcoming any resistance or arrogance. It will go on even if it includes destroying the structures. The meaning of the name “Sandy” is “defender of men, protector of mankind”, so it is a hurricane that dissolves many man-made lies and represents a loving correction of nature whose aim is to protect mankind. Scientists have marveled for a long time how the Universe is perfectly arranged to sustain life!

So embracing your self-healing is to recognize that your self-healing is unavoidable and you will be much safer playing with it according to self-healing rules rather than resisting them. The latter scenario would be like taking white water rafting then turning your draft upstream and trying to paddle against the current–you would be almost guaranteed to splash against the rocks which you cannot see behind your back.

• The “Sandy forces Obama back to Washington” line reminds us of the feminine nature of self-healing which is governed by the creative intuitive right brain and which overrules the analytical, control-preoccupied left brain. Embracing your self healing is to recognize that your logical thinking is not enough to heal yourself. In other words, you cannot will yourself out from a disease; you have to cooperate with your inner emotional, intuitive, not necessary logical, self-loving part of you in order to heal. Actually it is very likely that the analytical mind was the one that contributed to disease or other undesired circumstances in the first place.

• Sandy the perfect storm reminds us that it is necessary to embrace what we already know. In the case of the Sunday hurricane, we received plenty of warnings well ahead of time, yet judging by the last minute panic in the supermarkets most of us seemed to be caught by surprise. This is exactly what happens when we get sick or are faced with major life situations. We receive many warnings as the disease comes to the surface, moving from the silent or preclinical stage to its full manifestation. We not only ignore the signs but often we intentionally eliminate these signs by taking medications to cover them up. Doing that is a guaranteed path to major disaster. Therefore embracing self-healing is to be very attentive to your body language, including physical symptoms, emotions, intuitive hunches – and embrace them by acting upon the message they carry.

• Sandy the perfect storm, which is stronger then Obama and the country he leads, represents a reminder that one of the first lessons we receive from a disease is that arrogance is not healthy and in addition, our arrogance may be generating energetic debt (some call it karma) which will have to be repaid.
As for embracing self-healing, whenever we believe in using force over compassion or choose ignorance over understanding, we invite loving corrections coming from our inner wisdom, from the universe, from nature, and from our physical bodies. These loving corrections may not necessary appear very pleasant at the time they are happening. Sometimes only later, from the perspective of time, we can see the gifts of these corrections. You might say that here on Earth, we are in a correctional facility, except this does not have anything to do with our actual correctional systems which as many self development trainings are limited to”re-decorating the prison cell.”

Therefore, embracing self-healing would be to give up arrogance and the illusion of entitlement, since these two traits are major enemies of self-healing. This may not be easy to do because the arrogance carries an illusion of having control, which is so needed when we are sick. But paradoxically, that there is sickness teaches us the basic truth: We don’t have control. And embracing that basic truth is an act of self-healing on it’s own. Accept the truth and the truth will make you free and healthy. Entitlement is the automatic sentiment of the victim,” why me” mentality and unfortunately, staying in the entitlement energy guarantees more suffering by the victim.

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“Dr.Rocki has led me down a path of healing and self-exploration that has had a profound impact on my life. Mirroring, accountability, and grounding are a few of the vital skills that I have already taken from my experiences with Wes and successfully applied to my career and relationships. I am so thankful to have found such a compatible mentor through this time of healing and exploration.” AW – client

“To reach the core of my issues and to be able to resolve them, I needed more help than just “talking it though.” With help from Wes, I was able to access the places within myself that were either too scary to unravel alone or I just didn’t know how. The work I have done with Wes is very diverse and I knew he was capable of being there with me and assisting me through the process. I will be forever grateful for his help”. CB – client

“Each session brought me to a higher level of self and spiritual awareness. A deeper access to my inner strength and vision to see life as  the true gift that it is was gained. I am forever grateful for the sincerity, compassion, and wisdom of Dr. Rocki.” – Sarah C.- client

“There are few healers with Dr. Rocki’s eclectic experience and breadth of training and knowledge in today’s healthcare. There are fewer yet who combine his skills with the intense sense of caring and compassion he offers his patients. He is a rare example of a complete healer who has added a lot to the care of many of my patients.” – Len Saputo, MD – bestselling author of “A Return to Healing,” host of the radio show “Prescriptions for Health,” founder of the Health Medicine Forum and medical director of the Health Medicine Center.

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The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (Washington DC) founded by Dr. James S. Gordon is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to reviving the spirit and transforming the practice of medicine. www.cmbm.org
Dr. Len Saputo MD – a board certified internist, a practitioner of integrative medicine, sophisticated yet humble, proactive yet balanced, a real public servant practicing the art of medicine. Also a public educator, a founder of Health Medicine Forum, radio and TV host (together with his wife Vicky Saputo RN), best selling author of “Return to Health”. My friend, partner and mentor. Health Medicine Center, 1620 Rivera Ave, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, (925) 935-7500
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Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD, ABAAM – licensed in conventional medicine and homeopathy leads one of the best centers in Integrative Medicine in the West, very active educator and activist in advancing of wise medicine, founder and director of the Nevada Center of Alternative & Anti-Aging Medicine, Carson City, NV, (775) 884-3990, www.antiagingmedicine.com


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