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Chronic Diseases|Alternative Medicine|Fairfax|VA

Why do we need to integrate alternative medicine into our conventional care of chronic diseases? Because conventional medicine, while efficient addressing physical and biochemical aspects of diseases, does not cover other aspects, like psychosomatic issues.

All chronic diseases carry psychosomatic aspects. This simply means that their origin, diagnosis and prognosis relate to the “psyche” (the mind and emotions) and “soma” (the physical and energetic body). Why? Because our lives, including health and disease, are manifested through the mind, body and emotions. They are also supported by subtle energy, also referred to as spirit, which is shared by all of us.

Psychosomatic aspects include all beliefs, attitudes and habits that define our health-related choices. Those may invite disease, but they also determine our capacity to support our healing and bring back wellness.

Simply speaking, as long as we harbor deep in our psyche negative emotions such as disbelief in health, self-hate, anger, attachment to suffering or other disease-supporting attitudes, healing from disease may be very difficult. These powerful negative emotions are usually well hidden; sometimes they stem from our upbringing or even from our ancestors. Even if we are aware of some of them, our analytical mind and conventional medicine or clinical psychology alone are not in a position to change them. Such change requires the integration of modalities targeting the subconscious mind, like hypnotherapy, energy and intuition medicine, to identify and correct them. Then, healing is further supported with nutrients, exercise, supplements and essential oils. For receptive patients spiritual healing adds another important healing aspect.