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Invest In Your Health

Being sick is very expensive. A 2007 analysis showed that medical expenses caused one third of all personal bankruptcies in the U.S. Half of those customers carried health insurance. That scenario has only gotten worse since 2007.

Even more troubling, costs are expected to soar in the coming year with the increase of baby boomers needing treatments, combined with a shortage of healthcare providers.

This means you simply cannot rely on healthcare as you have in the past. You must take on the job of becoming actively involved, learning and using the healing resources of your own body, and getting support from family and community.

When you use multiple healing methods you can break the vicious circle of chronic disease and bring about its cure. This is far better than just managing the symptoms.

Integration means bringing together these different ways of healing based in different philosophies, traditions, and science. This could mean adding a chiropractor, dietician, yoga teacher, or hypnotist to your treatment team, along with your current caregiver.

The truth is, there is no one single cause for any disease. Symptoms can appear after the disease has been present in the body for many years in a latent stage. The disease then continues even when the symptoms are relieved through conventional medicine.

Healing chronic disease requires commitment. You have to be willing to experiment and find creative solutions. Using multiple healing modalities can bring empowerment and wisdom.

When you integrate other healing methods, you will find that many of these are not covered by health insurance. If you do find a conventional healing method covered by your insurance, take note. Does this treatment cure your disease and support long-term health? If so, then by all means stay with it.

Unfortunately this is rarely the case. In order to get health results, you may have to venture outside of your health insurance coverage.