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Patient Info

General Instructions for Filling Out the Forms

Please complete the basic necessary information requested in forms 1 to 4: the office policies, patient’s intake, informed consent, and confidentiality information. Print and fill out hard copies of the form and bring them to your appointment. Please do not email me these forms.

While you don’t need a referral from your regular, mainstream medical doctor, you may choose to have me contact your doctor to coordinate strategies for your healing progress. While preferred, this is not a requirement for working with me, particularly in cases where our interactions will be short-term.

However, there are exceptions. These include those patients who are pregnant or undergoing psychiatric care. If you are prescribed psychotropic medications by doctors other than a psychiatrist, I will decide if communication with the prescriber will be required based on the medications and diagnosis.

For your first visit, it will be useful if you can bring any medical records, medications and supplements you use in their original bottles/ containers.