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Will you benefit?

Will you benefit from alternative medicine?

While the holistic approach of alternative medicine can help everyone, patients who benefit the most have the following characteristics:

  • Determined to experience healing – these are people who say “I have no option but to heal.”
  • Have a clear, personal definition of their healing goals
  • Willing to search for and try alternative forms of healing if their current treatments do not bring anticipated results. (Unfortunately, most patients arrive to this level of determination when their diseases are far advanced.)
  • Having an open mind which accepts different healing philosophies and modalities
  • Accepting of someone else’s expertise over their bodies
  • Willing to explore how they may have contributed to the disease
  • Committed to learn and dedicate time to regularly practice self-care routines
  • Joyful, committed adherence to suggested diets, supplements, essential oils and mind-based self-care routines
  • Willing to review and possibly adjust their home and work environment to support their healing (important, since the main healing work happens between office visits)

There are also a few characteristics of patients who have difficulties in benefiting from alternative medicine:

  • Invested in the victim mentality which is formed by lifestyle, family habits, the disease itself or the secondary gains related to the disease
  • Exaggerated expectations of the outcome that is proportional in intensity to the disappointment with conventional medicine. In other words, these are patients who are angry with conventional medicine, expect overnight miracles, and end up even angrier if that does not happen
  • Unwillingness to invest time and money for their health.