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Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Dr.Wes Rocki, MD, PhD

Essential oils represent an ancient healing modality, which has recently experienced its rebirth, reflecting the increasing interest of the public in safe and effective healing alternatives.


The therapeutic effect of essential oils happens at several levels: energetically, biochemically, and spiritually. The oils carry the healing energy of plants and herbs, which uniformly enhances the body’s self-healing—essential for the return from disease to wellness. At the esoteric level essential oils carry the “intelligent design” of Nature, which resonates with the “intelligent design” of our bodies.


As a therapeutic modality, essential oils offer a unique advantage in their delivery. Presented as aromatherapy, they exert an immediate effect in vital centers of the brain, since the olfactory (smell-sensing) system in the nose is a direct extension of the brain. Delivered in transdermal (through the skin) or in sublingual (under the tongue) ways, they bypass the liver circulation, making them systematically more available. A unique application of essential oils on the soles of the feet allows their direct energetic interactions with the plentiful acupressure points located there.

Selected essential oils that meet the standards of the “therapeutic grade” may be applied systematically (by mouth) in highly diluted form.


The biggest challenge in selecting safe and effective essential oil relates to the their popularity. Seeing a business opportunity, there are many manufacturers who don’t meet the therapeutic grade standard and a majority of them actually use chemically synthesized aromatic compounds to mimic the essential oils.


Dr. Rocki has extensively studied scientific information related to essential oils an then he selected on manufacturer (DoTerra) with whom he trained intensively and uses its product to educate patients on essential oils.