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Dr.Wes Rocki, MD, PhD

Alternative medicine represents a holistic approach to health and disease which focuses on the essential role of food as medicine to prevent and heal diseases. Food provides minerals, enzymes, vitamins, core amino acids, essential fats and elements that sustain life. At the sublime energy level, food is also a source of information, which allows the body to adjust to its environment. Unfortunately, most food no longer fulfills these expectations as it is grown on mineral-poor soil, contaminated with pesticides and end up heavily processed with chemical preservatives, color and taste enhancers.

Researching and selecting proper nutrition is a complex, time consuming task, yet it is essential for disease prevention and is a must for healing from chronic diseases. Food as medicine is particularly relevant for those patients often receive multiple pharmaceuticals since many of them deplete the body of minerals and inhibit vital enzymes.


With the ever-changing food-related information, including sensational and trendy stories making popular news, it is almost impossible for an average person to be sufficiently educated in order to select proper diets.


Dr. Rocki was participated in trainings sponsored by the Scripts Research Institute, the leading authority in nutrition. For six years Dr. Rocki educates and coaches patients in the best integration of food into their specific healing situations.