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Spiritual Healing|Guided Imagery|Meditation


Psychological Kinesiology (PSYCH-K®)

It is a tool developed with the goal of changing beliefs in the subconscious mind. These beliefs are often the “invisible” cause of self-sabotaging attitudes and disease-inducing behaviors. “PSYCH-K® is a user-friendly way to rewrite the ‘software’ of the mind in order to change the ‘printout of life,’” says Robert. M. Williams, M.A., originator of PSYCH-K®.

A unique feature of this technique is that permission and commitment from parts of the inner-self have to be granted for the technique to work. This technique uses muscle testing (applied kinesiology) as a biofeedback tool which guides the focus on the subconscious mind.

Dr. Rocki went through extensive training, including instruction sessions with the tool’s creator, and was certified as a practitioner of PSYCH-K. For the last 6 years, Dr. Rocki has used PSYCH-K to help a large number of patients adjust their beliefs.

Guided imagery

It is a program of directed thoughts and suggestions that guide the imagination toward a relaxed, focused state of creative self-healing. It simply means that nothing can happen until it is imagined in the mind. Unfortunately, most of the time we follow the guided imagery of our negative thoughts and dysfunctional beliefs and attitudes. Clinical disease may develop as a result of such negative and prolonged imagery. This is because the body responds to the imaginary situations in our thoughts as if they are actually happening. However, we can stop and reverse this process following healing-inducing guided imagery.

The promises of guide imagery are illustrated in the Law of Attraction, which states that we are attracted to circumstances that match the energy in our mind. This may mean that, when dealing with chronic disease, we express the energy of disease, which may actually attract more disease. Guided imagery focuses on what is healthy and functional in a given situation and leads patients into imagery of health and healing.

Dr. Rocki is experienced in leading guided imagery with individual patients and in group healing circles.


Spiritual Healing

Healing circles

Healing Circles are among the oldest forms of healing known to the mankind. In ancient tribes when a member became sick, he or she was surrounded by a circle of tribesmen and women who used chanting, dancing and other rituals as healing vehicles.

The accumulative energy of a group focused on healing an individual unlocks healing resources that are accessible only in that format. If the physical format of healing circle is not feasible, a surrogate circle can be done within the mind of an individual, with multiple personas or voices in one’s head serve as the members of the circle. The most effective healing circle is one comprised of healing practitioners working together to draw out aspects of health in the person afflicted with disease



It is probably the most researched among spiritual healing modalities. There are numerous high quality clinical studies and experiments documenting the healing power of prayer.

For people afflicted with diseases, prayer opens up a door to healing resources which are not accessible with the analytical mind. It brings healing faith, which is trust without the need for evidence. Prayer also helps practitioners to connect with their inner source of healing wisdom and intuition. Prayers should be considered as an important healing modality in most health situations and should not be reserved just for very sick or dying patients.

Dr. Rocki prays often as a way of focusing and preparing before the session with patients. Trained as a non-denominational chaplain, he has learned prayers from different spiritual traditions. When appropriate and in accordance with his patients’ spiritual beliefs, he sometimes prays with patients and their families and discusses with them how prayer is an important tool of self-care.



Meditation which has components of relaxed yet focused  attention is similar to self-hypnosis. Mindfulness is one of the most effective forms of meditation and basically involves observing what is happening while portraying the role of a witness rather than someone directly involved in the situation. This kind of meditation allows a level of separation from one’s circumstances and allows the person to move to an energy level where there are healing resources. At the most basic level meditation is always associated with lowering the intensity of a stress response and it can be an effective remedy for chronic stress, which is a causative and/or coexisting factor for most chronic diseases.

Dr. Rocki has been trained and extensively practiced meditation in Christian, Hindu and Buddhist tradition and practices mindfulness meditation on daily basis.