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Speaking Porfolio

Speaking Portfolio

Wes Rocki, MD, PhD


Presentation #1


What are practical implications of the concept of the Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit?


If we are of the Mind-Body-Emotions and Spirit, how does it apply to daily life and healing from diseases?


Unmet needs addressed:

What are the practical implications of recognizing that we are multidimensional beings who experience life at these four levels?

Discussion and solutions offered:


Consider the famous statement by Albert Einstein: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”


In relation to experiencing disease, we realize the wisdom of this statement when we are deeply fearful of our situation and become immersed in a victim mentality. Left unchecked in this state, our emotions drag us even deeper into the undesirable situation. To heal we need to access our inner resources.
Benefits for the audience:

We will discuss the practicality of the popular concepts: the mind, body, emotions, spirit, conscious and subconscious mind and intuition. The audience will learn simple routines that allow them to use these inner resources for the purpose of healing.
Presentation formats to choose from:

  • Introductory session: 30 minute presentation and a 15 minute Q&A session. This session is a self-contained awareness builder and can function as an intro to a subsequent longer presentation.
  • Half-day session: 1 hour presentation, 1 hour experiential exercise where participants learn new routines, and 1 hour of sharing, Q&A and a take home message. There are two short breaks between segments.
  • Half-day plus follow-up: In addition to the half-day format listed above, there will be a 1.5 hour session after 2 weeks to reinforce the learned routines.
  • Full day session: 2.5 hour morning session, 1.5 hours working lunch, 2.5 hours afternoon session.




Presentation #2

Title: Loneliness – a common and dangerous chronic disease


Unmet needs addressed:

As a society and as individuals we are facing a devastating epidemic of chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, depression and many others. A person’s experience of disease invariably includes isolation and loneliness. Both of these conditions drain one’s energy and invite the mindset of the powerless victim. Individuals lose their motivation for self-care, making the disease worse.


Unfortunately, modern healthcare is based on institutions and protocols and thus, has lost its personal, individual focus, aggravating a sense of isolation and loneliness. Families and friends may not be of help, as witnessing a loved one’s life-threatening situation can cause their own fears to surface and cause them to avoid emotional closeness.


Discussion and solutions offered:

A disease can actually present a healing opportunity to know and befriend oneself, which can heal inner loneliness and self-isolation. Self-healing includes re-establishing a relationship with the Divine, Higher Power, or Inner Wisdom, which allows us to experience unity with the Divine, with each other and with nature. This realization removes the illusion of loneliness and isolation. Reunited with the companionship of inner resources, the patient is motivated to reach for external healing resources, including healthcare, and utilize them effectively as an act of empowered self-care.


Benefits for the audience:

Participants will be guided into exploring their self-reliance and self-love.  They will be supported in discovering any beliefs, assumptions and attitudes preventing the realization of the inner relationship and unity with others. Participants also will be shown practical mental routines to support these discoveries.