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“There are few healers with Dr. Rocki’s eclectic experience and breadth of training and knowledge in today’s healthcare. There are fewer yet who combine his skills with the intense sense of caring and compassion he offers his patients. He is a rare example of a complete healer who has added a lot to the care of many of my patients.”

– Len Saputo, MD – bestselling author of A Return to Healing, host of the radio show Prescriptions for Health, founder of the Health Medicine Forum and medical director of the Health Medicine Center.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Dr. Wieslaw Rocki is a gifted master teacher.  Using many different modalities, he helps find the root cause of illness of the body and of the spirit.  A unique healer, I highly recommend him.

Eva B.

I have been stuck   in my experience of chronic Lyme disease (making no progress and actually feeling worse) when my doctor recommended me to see Dr. Wes Rocki. Working with him, I regained my hope and felt ready to tackle my illness with the self-healing strategies and tools Dr. Wes offered to me.  I have learned to own my health circumstances and that empowered me to actively participate in my own healing. Under Dr. Rocki’s directions and encouragement my self-healing work brought not only improvement in my symptoms but also positive changes in several other aspects of my life.  I highly recommend Dr. Wes for whatever ails you.

Catherine C.

Working with Wes has cut straight to the heart of my issue and challenged me to make more powerful choices. I experienced a huge and totally unexpected heart opening and was able to let go of the burden of some past hurts and finally forgive. All involved, including myself. If you’re ready for some strong medicine from a dr. whose done his work, then you just might be ready to work with Wes.

Lilia Z.

“Wes has integrated conventional and alternative medicine in an intriguing manner. Seeing Wes is like having the expertise of multiple physicians and therapists available in one person. His approach is logical, purposeful and proactive, and he makes it clear that while he can help, the patient must be actively engaged in the self-healing process.”

Robert  W.

“After only two sessions with Dr. Rocki, my entire perspective on life has dramatically changed. I can feel inner peace, joy, and calmness, for the first time in a long time.  I can feel my body being energized and moving toward healing, both emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. He has helped me connect the dots to find certain life long patterns and cycles that have hindered my physical recovery from disease as well as robbed me from internal joy.  Thanks to Dr. Rocki, I now have the necessary tools to break out of those cycles.Ê Even my husband cannot believe the change that has taken place in me, much less in such a short amount of time! I am thrilled to continue to move forward.”

Anna L.

When working with Dr. Rocki, my physical and mental states are like a house with many rooms, big and small; Dr. Rocki immediately finds the rooms with the largest presents and then unceremoniously unwraps them for me to see. He has laser like focus and knows exactly where attention is needed to help me get the most from the session. His is not a one-size-fits-all approach. He has many modalities up his sleeve and draws from years and years of experience. Underneath it all is a very precise listening, strong compassion and a clear intuition that cuts through all the clutter. Even amongst all the alternative practitioners in the Bay Area, Wes is a rare breed and a true healer

Barbara K.

“Dr. Rocki has led me down a path of healing and self-exploration that has had a profound impact on my life. Mirroring, accountability, and grounding are a few of the vital skills that I have already taken from my experiences with Wes and successfully applied to my career and relationships. I am so thankful to have found such a compatible mentor through this time of healing and exploration.”

AW,  client

“To reach the core of my issues and to be able to resolve them, I needed more help than just “talking it though.” With help from Wes, I was able to access the places within myself that
were either too scary to unravel alone or I just didn’t know how. The work I have done with Wes is very diverse and I knew he was capable of being there with me and assisting me through the process.  I will be forever grateful for his help”.

CB, client

Each session brought me to a higher level of self and spiritual awareness. A deeper access to my inner strength and vision to see life as the true gift that it is was gained. I am forever grateful for the sincerity, compassion, and wisdom of Dr. Rocki.

Sarah C.- client