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Self Healing Care

Meet Dr. Rocki

My deep gratitude and best wishes to my patients in Virginia as I have retired from practice of medicine and moved my residence to Florida. Once I finish my book I intend to offer coaching/ teaching in wellness. Also, I will offer limited services in hypnotherapy, Reiki, essential oils and dietary supplements.

Thank you!

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Are you suffering from symptoms of chronic disease, chronic pain, Lyme disease, anxiety, autoimmune disease, hypertension, cancer, stress, depression or obesity? Have these symptoms been relieved by conventional (Western) medicine alone? If not, you may need to take an active role in your healing by including alternative (holistic, mind-body) medicine into your personal healthcare. Why? Because health and disease have roots in our mind—in our attitudes, beliefs, and faith, which all contribute to our lifestyle and the choices we make. Alternative medicine helps discover the root causes of diseases. Medicines alone may not heal disease; we need to support our bodies with proper nutrition, supplements, exercise, and supportive relationships.

Alternative medicine does not replace conventional medicine, but rather complements it with its specific modalities and tools. Among those are: hypnotherapy, medical hypnosis, energy medicine, biofeedback, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), intuition medicine, acupressure, nutrition, supplements, and essential oils. An important contribution of alternative medicine is coaching in self-care, which supports your body’s self-healing, wellness and disease prevention.
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Welcome! I am a medical doctor uniquely experienced in both alternative and conventional medicine. My current exclusive focus on alternative medicine has evolved from 25 years of conventional medicine, clinical research, and full time training in alternative medicine.
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Since my treatments are short term, and I don’t prescribe pharmaceuticals, you will remain under the care of your current doctor(s). However, I do not require a referral from your doctor. Certainly, my collaboration with your doctor will benefit you, but this happens only with your permission.

Why Alternative Medicine? Will you benefit?

dreamstimesmall_9128072Chronic diseases constitute majority of all medicine, and it is here that conventional medicine methods are not very effective and often induce side effects. This is because the healing of chronic diseases requires a holistic approach that addresses the physical body, mind, emotions and spirit. Thus, conventional medicine must be complemented with alternative medicine strategies to treat diseases and to empower patients to actively participate in their own healing and disease prevention. Click to continue

Diseases Treated

iStock_000015954293Medium Dr. Rocki’s tools of alternative medicine complement conventional medicine’s management of chronic diseases. His focus on the enhancement of mind-body connections through the use of hypnotherapy, energy and intuition medicine, nutrition, supplements and essential oils completes the medical treatments patients receive from their doctors. When appropriate, Dr. Rocki teaches patients to utilize their spiritual beliefs for the purpose of healing. Also, when requested, Dr. Rocki coaches patients’ families in creating a healing environment.For a detailed list of the diseases Dr. Rocki treats, Click to continue.

Multiple Healing Tools

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-bamboo-grove-image18463608“We physicians must become instruments. When that happens, motivated patients will use us to work miracles.” Bernie S. Siegel MD
Dr. Rocki follows all standards of medical profession, while practicing alternative, complementary medicine.Practically he functions as a “primary doc” for alternative healing, providing truly individualized care, choosing the best alternative healing methods. That selection is based on not only on effectiveness and safety but also on complementing the conventional treatments patients receive. To learn about the tools Dr. Rocki offers, Click to continue


Your body continuously heals and renews itself, always self-adjusting towards healthy balance. With very few exceptions our bodies are well equipped to stay alive and most of the time healthy. For example, the metabolic and endocrine systems provide an effective, inner pharmacy. The immune system protects us from the inside and outside threats to our health. Connected to our intuition we listen to our bodies wisdom finding guidance from our “inner physician.” Self-healing constitutes in our bodies automatically all the time in health and disease. Effective healing interventions support the self-healing processes in our bodies. The most positive impact on self-healing is in our practice of educated, consistent self-care applied to our bodies, mind, emotions and spirit. Well-structured self-care is essential for preventing and treating disease. Through practicing self-care we are empowered to partner in our care with healthcare practitioners. For more on self-care, Click to continue

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