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Hypnotherapy is a natural, simple, powerful and safe healing modality which uses hypnotic trance as a therapeutic tool. Let’s expand on these attributes of hypnotherapy:

     Hypnotic trance is easy because it’s the most natural and frequent state of our mind. Each time we focus our attention to the point where we become oblivious to the external world, we experiencing a hypnotic trance. For example, if you are watching a movie which makes you laugh or cry, you become part of the story and behave as if it is really happening. Another example is highway hypnosis when we arrive at our destination and don’t remember the long stretch of driving we just completed. Other common hypnotic trances are represented by time distortion when time passes quickly during good times (“time flies when you’re having fun”), but seems to slow during moments of sadness or pain.

The induction of a hypnotic trance is simple as long as the subject is interested in being hypnotized and willing to follow the hypnotherapist’s guidance. This is also guarantees safety, since the subject is completely in control, allowing themselves to be hypnotized, accepting suggestions, and interrupting the session whenever they desire. During a hypnotherapy session, the subject will not follow any suggestion which conflict with his or her ethics and personal standards.

The simplicity of inducing a hypnotic trance makes it a suitable tool to easily teach to patients as self-hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is powerful because it reaches the depths of our mind, which is below our conscious awareness, referred to as the sub-consciousness. This is where our beliefs, habits, attitudes, emotional conflicts, and disease environments reside. Unbeknownst to us, these elements influence our moment-to-moment health-related choices, which, in turn, invite or prolong disease. Thus, these mental elements are the root causes of our diseases.

In order to heal our life’s circumstance we have to examine our sub-consciousness and adjust factors which may be creating or contributing to our disease or other negative situations, such as relationship or financial problems. As most chronic diseases are life-style related, their healing cannot happen until disease-inducing lifestyle choices are transformed into health-inducing. However, this cannot occur just with will power; it requires a rewrite of the messages and instructions residing in the subconscious mind. Since hypnotherapy works at that level of the mind, it complements other healing modalities like medicine, psychotherapy, energy healing, etc.

The power of hypnotherapy also relies on the fact that even in the midst of a severe struggle with disease, there is a distinct energetic memory of perfect health, which can be claimed as an important healing tool.