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Welcome to
Self-Healing Care

Wieslaw “Wes” Rocki MD*, PhD, CHt
Educator, Health Coach, Patient Advocate
Hypnotherapist, Scientist, Author, Speaker

Welcome to Self-Healing Care

Wieslaw “Wes” Rocki MD*, PhD, CHt

Educator, Health Coach, Patient Advocate

Hypnotherapist, Scientist, Author, Speaker

How to stay healthy in these turbulent times of fear, confusion and anxiety? Medical science guidelines are inconclusive for the individuals, and the “old normal” does not exist anymore. Therefore, people who face chronic diseases, aging or other health risks have to assume creative responsibility for their health instead of exclusive dependence on healthcare which failed to heal chronic diseases.

We have to learn and practice the mind-body based self-healing care not only to survive but also to reclaim our individual wellness. We need to explore root causes of diseases and correct our attitudes, beliefs and life-style habits which sponsor diseases interfering with the body’s self-healing. We have to express self-healing care as educated partnering with doctors and other caregivers. Even though self-healing care is intuitively simple, its initial discovery and then mastery can’t be done alone. It requires extensive teaching and coaching that not only supports resilience, but also use difficult situations as an invitation to radical self-healing.

I am committed to offer you teaching and coaching which is built on my 45 years of practicing several disciplines of conventional and alternative medicine and numerous modalities of non-medical holistic healing. I can assist you as with my experience of own and my patients’ successful self-healing care.
* Please note that my service does not constitute clinical medical practice from which I recently retired, rather it complements medicine by teaching you the self-healing care.

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Self-Healing Care; the medicine which explores “what’s right” and uses it to heal “what’s wrong.”

Feeling fearful, overwhelmed by “what’s wrong “with your health?
Notice that in this moment there is also something “right” which keeps you alive, functional and hopeful. It is the self-healing of your mind, body and spirit supported by the healthcare resources. Together we will explore of “what’s right” and translate it into self-care habits to heal of “what’s wrong!” This is a true spirit of integrative medicine!

What’s New

How do we go forward working together to create your desired health outcome?

We will work to manifest your desired health goals by practicing self-care and learning the selective, empowered use of healthcare resources. Our healing work will be based on partnership; you are an expert in your unique health situation, your goals, motivation and healing resources, including the healthcare providers. I will bring my experience of 45 years medical practice, learning from my patients and my active self-healing. We will form a safe, creative environment for exploration, healing and learning self-care routines. We will also review your use of the healthcare resources to make them more effective and safer. Learn the details about your visit.